CCTEG Shanghai continuous conveyor assists shield construction of rock roadways in complex conditions in Huaibei mining area
2021-05-13 16:17:36.0

Recently, Yuandian No. 2 Mine of Huaibei Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. applied the technology of TBM shield supporting continuous conveyor designed by CCTEG Shanghai to successfully solve the problem of long-distance belt conveyor turning and continuous transportation during shield construction on the mine.

In March, the continuous conveyor completed a new record of 295 meters of monthly footage under the extremely harsh geological conditions on site and extremely dangerous support, and achieved a historic breakthrough in the mechanized construction technology of the 19-degree inclined shaft tunneling in the coal industry on a large section, to ensure that the mining area is expected to be put into production 5 months in advance.

At present, this technology has been promoted and applied in projects such as Qingdao Metro of China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Ehe of China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., and Shandong Longgu Tunnel of China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd.

The DSJ-100/40/2*200 after shield supporting continuous belt conveyor using this key technology, which can adapt to long-distance, large-slope, and large-turn roadways. It has the characteristics of synchronous extension, which can ensure the maximum use of shield machine construction efficacy. The conveyor designed a continuous turning device to solve the problem of safe operation of long-distance and large-incline belts, and it realized the conveyor running in an arc roadway with a minimum horizontal turning radius of 400mm. The maximum conveying distance is 3200m, and it is adaptable to a roadway slope of 0-19°. Adapted to the supporting requirements after the shield construction of the Yuandian No. 2 Mine, and realized the situation of "two roadways and one belt" for on-site transportation equipment.