Zhengfei Ren went down to inspect the country's first 5G coal mine and reached an in-depth cooperation intention with Huayang Group.
2020-12-29 17:47:20.0

On December 7, Ren Zhengfei, the founder, director and CEO of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. visited Huayang Group. Visited the country's first 5G coal mine and exchanged ideas with Huayang Group Party Secretary and Chairman Zhai Hong.


Yun Ding, President of Huawei Carrier BG, Zhongyang Peng, President of Enterprise BG, Yong Lu, President of China Region, Jinlong Hou, President of Cloud and Computing BG, Naishi Yang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy General Manager of the Group Company, and Beijian Yu, Deputy General Manager, attended.


A number of consensuses have been reached on strengthening cooperation in a wider range and more fields such as the application of 5G technology and the development of new materials industry. Enabling the intelligent development and high-quality development of Huayang Group and various industries in my country to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


The research and exchange activities were carried out in Xinyuan Company, the country's first 5G coal mine.


Zhengfei Ren first watched the transformation and development of the group company and the application of 5G technology in the general dispatch room of Xinyuan Company. Listen to Zhai Hong's introduction on the development of 5G technology in coal mines.


Subsequently, Zhengfei Ren and Zhai Hong went to the 31004 fully mechanized mining face and the No.9 coal central power distribution room to observe the field application of 5G technology underground.


During the exchange, Zhai Hong said. In the process of Huayang Group's vigorous implementation of the new "127" development strategy, 5G smart mines are an important support for transformation and development. Through vigorous cooperation, Huayang Group, Huawei Company and China Mobile have formed many innovative results. And strive to promote coal mine monitoring and control methods more abundant, safe production more reliable. The efficiency and benefit will be steadily improved. Create a new image of coal mines with guaranteed life and health, decent work with dignity, high-quality happy life, and high-quality industry development.


Zhengfei Ren highly praised the thinking and vision of the group company's transformation and development. He said that 5G changes society and is an important tool to realize artificial intelligence.


Huayang Group is already one step faster in 5G applications. I hope to use 5G as a tool to learn advanced experience in intelligent development abroad. And do a good job in the construction of the talent team, and actively explore the intelligent development of the coal industry based on 5G technology. So as to realize the transformation of enterprise production efficiency and production capacity. In turn, improve corporate profitability.


When introducing industries such as aerogel and photovoltaics, Hong Zhai said. Yangmei Group was renamed Huayang Group as a whole, specializing in new materials industry. It marks that the company has stood at a new historical starting point. Was given a new historical mission. It is believed that Huayang Group and Huawei will be able to promote the application of 5G technology in more fields and on a larger scale. Vigorously promote the high-quality transformation of Huayang Group. And use Huayang as the technological "experimental field" to promote the development of 5G technology in various industries in our country.


Regarding the blue ocean industry of new materials being promoted by the group company, Zhengfei Ren expressed his expectation for more in-depth cooperation between the two parties. He said that Huayang Group has implemented high-quality transformation and has a clear industrial layout. According to Huayang Group’s strategic choices, Huawei will provide more technical support for Huayang’s development in the new material industry. At the same time, we will gather industry partners to carry out deeper cooperation and create more application scenarios. Actively build a new industrial ecology to help Huayang Group successfully transform.


After exchanges, the two parties reached in-depth cooperation intent on introducing Huayang Group coal mine experts, enriching Huawei's 5G-enabled coal mine artificial intelligence development technology, exploring 5G-based artificial intelligence coal mining equipment manufacturing, and establishing data centers. Jointly contribute to the empowerment of 5G technology in thousands of industries. At the same time, the two parties stated that they will explore more ways of cooperation in new energy storage, especially in the field of photovoltaics, and green and energy-saving building materials. Further broaden the cooperation path to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Weitao Wu, Deputy Director of the Headquarters of Huawei, Guohui Xie, Head of the Strategic Reserve Team of the Headquarters Department; Guangping Zhu, Vice President of the Strategic Research Institute, Wenshuan Dang, Head of the Future Network and Application Research Department of the Strategy Department; Wei Su, Deputy Director of the President Office; Lulu Zhang, Headquarters Department, Director of Human Resources Department of Strategic Reserve; Lin Chen, Representative of Shanxi Representative Office; Xinfeng Ding, Director of Operator Business Department of Shanxi Representative Office; Kankan Fan, Director of Political and Enterprise Affairs Department of Shanxi Representative Office; Ziran Qin, Director of Shanxi Cloud and Computing Business Department of Shanxi Representative Office; Wang Yang, Minister of Shanxi Human Resources Department of Shanxi Representative Office; Weihai Han, 5G Industry Leader of Shanxi Representative Office; Qing Cui, Senior Account Manager of Customer Engineering Department, and Xi Liu, Engineer of Customer Engineering Department, visited together.