China Coal Echnology &Engineering Group signed the WAHANA underground coal mine consulting service agreement with Bayan Group in Indonesia
2022-01-10 11:20:59.0

At the beginning of the new year of 2022, the consulting service agreement signed between China National Coal Group Co., Ltd. Science and Industry International and Indonesia's Bayan Group WAHANA Underground Coal Mine came into effect, marking China Coal Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has made great progress in the field of comprehensive mechanized mining of underground coal mines in Indonesia. , further enhancing the influence of China Coal Science in the field of international cooperation. The scope of this consulting service includes the feasibility study of the construction of underground coal mines and their supporting coal washing plants and self-provided power plants. Since 2016, Science and Technology International has maintained close communication with Bayan Group, and actively provided suggestions for Bayan Group in terms of key project technologies and project financing. In November 2021, a joint working group was established. After several rounds of video exchanges and negotiations between the two parties, more than 10 versions of technical plans were revised, and a project implementation plan approved by Bayan Group was compiled. Bayan Group highly recognized the professional services of Science and Industry International and the technology and brand of China Coal Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and expressed the hope that China Coal Science and Technology will participate in the WAHANA project in the way of "EPC + operation".

The implementation of this project is an important step for Indonesia’s Bayan Group to implement continuous mining of “open-pit to underground mining”, which has significantly improved the mining level of underground coal mines in Indonesia, further highlighting the advantages of China Coal Science in the field of global coal design and engineering contracting status. In the future, STI will integrate the advantageous resources of China Coal Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to provide high-quality and comprehensive services for Indonesia's Bayan Group in coal mining, complete sets of equipment, clean energy and professional services. Bayan Group is an Indonesian listed company with a total annual coal output of about 32 million tons. It owns 5 open-pit mines and is one of the top five coal producers in Indonesia. It is mainly engaged in coal mining and coal transportation, wharf and port construction, etc. 3 million tons/year.