Changzhou Research Institute of China Coal Science: Install "smart brains" for unmanned vehicles in coal mines
2022-01-11 16:08:30.0

On December 25, 2021, the "Underground Vehicle Networking and Unmanned Technology Research" project in charge of the Changzhou Research Institute of China Coal Science and Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the final acceptance review organized by Yubei Coal Industry of Shaanxi Coal Group, marking that the Changzhou Research Institute was in the mine. The field of autonomous driving has taken another solid step forward.

The review panel unanimously agreed that the underground vehicle networking technology and serialized unmanned driving equipment developed by this project have advanced concepts, reasonable architecture, practical solutions, sensitive perception, scientific algorithms, and precise control. Jiatan Coal Mine completed 4.3 kilometers of unmanned driving under all working conditions, with a maximum speed of 22Km/h, which preliminarily realized the normalized unmanned operation of new energy trackless rubber tires in coal mines, and promoted the rapid implementation of unmanned driving in coal mines. application.

The project was jointly developed by Changzhou Research Institute and Shaanxi Coal Yubei Coal Industry Information Operation and Maintenance Branch. After a lot of scientific research, eight research results have been formed, which is equivalent to adding "clairvoyance", "sunwind ears" and "smart brain" to unmanned vehicles. Various sensors installed on the vehicle can collect data around the vehicle in real time and send it back to the "smart brain" synchronously, enabling the vehicle to analyze road conditions autonomously, intelligently make decisions and control, automatically avoid obstacles, and predict and warn dangers. The research and development results effectively solve the problem of vehicle operation algorithm optimization in the underground "corridor effect", no GNSS satellite positioning signal, and the complex industrial and mining environment of the mine, and successfully realize the remote driving function on the ground.

In the process of research and development, Changzhou Research Institute adheres to the design concept of "intrinsically safe products for vehicle-mounted unmanned vehicle equipment", and the research and development of "single-channel intrinsically safe power supply mining intrinsically safe 16-line laser radar GUJ50" is among similar domestic products. The first to obtain the mining product safety mark certificate.

The product is compact in design, low in power consumption, and easy to install. It is like bringing "VR eyes" to the driverless vehicle, allowing the vehicle to move freely in the complex environment of darkness, humidity, and many disturbances, becoming a driverless vehicle. The "wisdom eye" of the vehicle. At present, the product has achieved mass production, completed the industrialization of R&D projects, and provided strong support for practical applications in the fields of unmanned driving in coal mines and anti-collision of electromechanical equipment.

In the future, the Changzhou Research Institute of China Coal Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to explore and cultivate in the field of autonomous driving in coal mines, create higher-level safety assurance technologies, and develop safer and more user-friendly products to provide coal mine auxiliary transportation automation, informatization and intelligence. A solid foundation, with leading technology to help coal enterprises achieve the goal of "less labor" and "unmanned".