Jizhong Energy Gequan Mine made every effort to accelerate the commissioning of the first remote monitoring and intelligent working face equipment.
2020-12-29 17:46:18.0

Jizhong Energy's Gequan Mine's first remote monitoring and intelligent working face with shearer memory for cutting coal was tested in mid-November. Synchronization speeds up the debugging of the remote monitoring intelligent system. Ensure that the working surface achieves the expected results as soon as possible.


It is understood that the 1271 working face is the mine's first remote monitoring and intelligent coal mining face with a shearer memory cutting coal. It is mainly composed of the support electric hydraulic control system, the shearer inertial navigation system, the video monitoring system, the coal flow frequency conversion control system, the intelligent pumping station system and the centralized control center. Through the coordination between the centralized control center and each subsystem. Realize the intelligent functions of the shearer memory cutting, automatic support moving with the machine and other intelligent functions. The original on-site operation is transformed into a new intelligent production mode with "equipment automatic control as the main and remote intervention as the supplement".


In the installation work, due to the complicated geological conditions of the working face, it brought great difficulties to the installation and debugging work. They held meetings several times to study and discuss the key tasks in the installation process. Make installation plans according to different installation tasks to ensure fast installation. Set up an intelligent technology research team, and hold group meetings every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Discuss the problems encountered in the installation and commissioning work and develop solutions. Establish an intelligent working face installation and commissioning operation management account. Dynamically record the installation situation and strictly strengthen the control of the installation process. At the same time, in order to strengthen the operating skills of employees. Organize personnel to equipment manufacturers and machinery factories to systematically study the installation, operation, maintenance and maintenance of automation equipment. Invite technical experts and equipment manufacturers to the mine to train installers on the knowledge of automatic face installation.


Faced with problems such as high pressure on the roof of the working face and two gangs. Anchor cables and a single body with π-shaped steel are used to support the top plate to ensure that the support is in place smoothly. At the same time, focus on the installation and commissioning of remote monitoring and intelligent system equipment with coal shearer memory cutting coal. The installation procedures for cables and pipelines are complicated. Uniform coding of electrical and mechanical equipment cables and hydraulic support pipelines in advance to achieve precise installation. At present, the remote monitoring and intelligent system for coal cutting with the shearer memory has been installed in this working face, and the local system equipment debugging stage has entered. Preparing for system joint debugging. After the system is put into use, each shift can reduce manpower by 7 to 8 people. Achieve the mining purpose of "fewer people" or even "unmanned" working face.