YTZ3(B) mine seismograph


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Product Details


Scope of application


The device adopts advanced design concepts such as "nodal acquisition, centralized recovery and cable-free telemetry" to realize uninterrupted collection, storage and processing of sei筛分机ic wave signals. It uses 32-bit embedded technology, combines 24-bit A/D, massive FLASH storage and other technologies to build a stable hardware platform. Advanced MEMS vibration sensing technology and weak signal extraction technology are used to ensure the reliability of the performance indicators of the instrument.


The main features


Light equipment: no host, no communication, no large line, greatly reducing manpower and transportation equipment input;


Simple operation: ground GPS time synchronization timing, automatic field data collection, simple man-machine interaction, fast operation;


Construction efficiency: fast firing speed, less personnel input, low labor intensity, short construction period;




Technical parameters


Way to work

Node - type cable free telemetry acquisition, automatic continuous acquisition and automatic storage

Manipulation of the way

Based on GPS clock synchronization, underground automatic collection and recording information

Sei筛分机ic trace

Each acquisition station has 3 sei筛分机ic signal channels, and the total reciprocal can be extended to 1000 channels

Input resistance




Sampling rate


The front gain


Sampling interval

1/10ms、1/4 ms、1/2ms、1ms、 2 ms、4ms